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Here at we are proud to be a leading provider of a wide variety of architectural weathervanes, cupolas and finials. We offer a free weathervanes newsletter that includes discounts on our entire catalog. You can learn all types of uses and DIY projects that our weathervanes can be used for. Shop by theme, brand, size, price, material, figure and price. Or checkout all of our assessories.

Weathervanes date back to ancient roman times when Greek god Triton placed on the top of the Tower of the Winds in Athens (built by astronomer Andronicus in 48 B.C.) a 4 foot by 8 foot figure that had the head of a man and the tail of a fish. Since that time many wealthy properties are decorated by all different types of figures.

There is so much more to the task of selecting and mounting weathervanes than simply throwing them on top of a roof for a little additional curb appeal. We include extensive instructions and design ideas to each of our customer to help them make proper design and installation decisions that will make their purchase into a great investment into their property.

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Bird themed weathervanes

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